I have published one novel and have written five others. They are all looking for a home.

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Published Fiction

THE FLOWER LOVER - Journalist Richard Garcia investigates the disappearance of a rare cultivated orchid. Garcia’s queries lead him to uncover a clandestine group that is illegally selling munitions and stolen Soviet nukes on the black market.


Unpublished Fiction

INLAND - The story of a cat, two boys, The Big Cheese, and how onions make the world go 'round. Suitable for children between the ages of nine and thirteen.

THE ISLE OF ALASKA MYSTERY - An environmental "why do it" vs. the traditional "who dunnit." A high school senior in Seattle investigates a group of industrialists who are dumping toxic waste into Puget Sound. Suitable for middle and high school students.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE - Against the background of the Gulf War, Richard Garcia makes inquiries into the mysterious death of a young woman in Los Angeles. In the best tradition of Spillane and film noir, his book contains adult language and situations.

HEART OF STONE - On the eve of Y2K, a high school biology teacher on Washington's Olympic Peninsula tracks down the people responsible for the death of forest activists.

GROWING UP WHITE IN THE SIXTIES - A fictional memoir of a boy coming of age during the era of Civil Rights and Vietnam.




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