In THE ISLE OF ALASKA MYSTERY, high school senior Jake Benveniste has arrived in Seattle with his mother, a software specialist with McDowell Aeronautical. Jake meets Janet Webster, a beautiful but potentially dangerous young woman, who works for the Seattle Commission on a Competitive Workplace. Involvement with Janet lands Jake right in the middle of the Commission's plot to illegally dispose of toxic wastes in the waters of Puget Sound. With the help of a University professor named Dr. Sherlock Homes, and the grudging assistance of Janet Webster, Jake foils the Commission's plans.

Jake is entrusted with a computer diskette by Janet's mentor, James, after James is injured. The diskette contains vital information that implicates many leading citizens in illegal activities of the Commission. As Jake becomes deeply immersed in the plot, he is pursued through the streets of Seattle by Marvin Noxin, a ex-Navy SEAL who wants to get the diskette back. Jake entrusts the diskette to his friend,  Dr. Sherlock Homes. Later, investigating Janet's responsibility in the affair, Jake leads Noxin on a perilous and exciting chase in sea kayaks through a surprise summer storm in Puget Sound.

In the end, with Noxin planning to seal Jake in a 55 gallon toxic waste drum and toss him off the deck of the tramp freighter ISLE OF ALASKA, Janet comes to the rescue and saves Jake's life. For this act of heroism she isn't punished too badly when the information on the disk is turned over to the authorities.

Dr. Homes, impressed with Jake's knowledge of science and his quick thinking in difficult situations, offers him a job in ferreting out what is causing problems at a research site on the Olympic Peninsula. Jake happily accepts.

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